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The Journey
Ralph Freeman

The Journey is considered to be Ralph Freeman's signature recording. The quality of his lyric tenor voice is clearly heard in this masterpiece production. It actually is a story of his Christian life in song. The most unique aspect of this production rests in his own composition, "Full of the Gospel", by which he is so widely known. You will enjoy the classic arrangements of "Down From His Glory" and "My Jesus, I Love Thee", as well as the post-modern message songs that are strategically placed between them.


Description Sample Time Track Title
Down From His Glory mp3 selection [3:54] Willam Booth
(Zondervan Herman Corp.) 
I Opened the Door mp3 selection [3:19] Ralph Freeman / Arr. Dan Murdock
(Zondervan Herman Corp.) 
Nobody Knows Me Like You Do [3:30] Benny Hester / Arr. Terry Winch
(Word Music)  ASCAP
Praise You Just the Same [3:38] Sharalee Lucas & Ron Harris
(Sonlife Music)  ASCAP
One More Voice [4:16] John W. Peterson / Arr. Bob Krogstad
(John W. Peterson)  ASCAP
My Testimony (Full of the Gospel) mp3 selection [3:24] Ralph Freeman / Arr. Dan Murdock
(Freeman Music)  ASCAP
The Journey:
Sunrise, Sunset and Beond
[8:50] Engineered by Rick Rice
Jesus is Walking with Me [3:56] John W. Peterson
(Singspiration)  SESAC
Praise the Lord [3:57] Brown Bannister / Arr. Bob Krogstad
(Bug & Bear Music)  ASCAP
Special Delivery [4:42] Ron & Carol Harris / Arr. Bob Krogstad
(Word Music)  ASCAP
My Jesus, I Love Thee [3:43] Arr. Bob Krogstad
(Triad Music)  ASCAP

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